What might be possible if community and organization members were fully engaged and using their strengths to collectively achieve shared visions?

Appreciative Inquiry is a collaborative, strength-based approach to both personal and organizational development that is proving to be highly effective in thousands of organizations and communities in hundreds of countries around the world. It is a way of bringing about change that shares leadership and learning - fully engaging everyone in the organization.

By focusing on the organizations strengths, you can evolve into a true “center of excellence”. Rather than focusing on problems, Appreciative Inquiry elicits solutions.

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Although I have been practicing AI for a number of years, and have seen a lot of amazing things, I am continuously in awe in the possibilities and opportunities that are generated from an Inquiry. My favorite part of the inquiry would have to be the dream phase, as I am sure many of you would agree. I love the creativity that emerges when you give adults permission to play …

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February’s Reflections

What positive experiences have you had this month that bring you joy and add a sense of excitement to your life? What are you awe moments? What does reflecting on those moments add to your life? Do you feel more open? More creative? More inspired? 
We are feeling such a depth of gratitude for the opportunity to meet so many awesome people in this business and to partner whose energy …

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Like many of you in the AI field, I have practiced Appreciative Inquiry for a number of years. During this time I have taught Appreciative Inquiry, consulted using Appreciative Inquiry, and have developed Appreciative Inquiry workshops on behalf of the Center for Appreciative Inquiry. At the end of 2013, I had the opportunity to participate in the Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training (AICT). I did not have any experience coaching, but …

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Celebrating 25 Years with Huge Savings on our Appreciative Inquiry Trainings

Since 1989, Company of Experts has developed an excellent word-of-mouth reputation by helping hundreds of organizations and groups, and thousands of individuals, heighten their energy, sharpen their vision, and inspire their action for change.
To celebrate 25 years, we are offering an additional $250.00 savings on all 2014 Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Trainings (AIFT) being hosted in Las Vegas! Register early and combine your $250.00 savings on top of our Early Bird …

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Do You Have an Appreciative Community College or University Story to Share?

The AI Practitioner has an open call for their May 2014 issue with the working title: “Long-Term Impact of Appreciative Inquiry at Colleges and Universities”. This issue will focus on the long-term use of Appreciative Inquiry at Colleges and Universities around the World.
The editors for this AI Practitioner issue are: Lane A. Glenn, Kelly Saretsky and Nancy Stetson. (Nancy co-designed our world-renowned Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT); Lane and Kelly …

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