Appreciative Inquiry Certification

Skilled strength-based leaders are in demand around the world. Appreciative Inquiry Certification demonstrates to your customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-respected best practices and possess the knowledge, experience and education to effectively help organizations achieve their success.

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry (CAI) maintains high standards for Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators, Coaches, Practitioners and Trainers worldwide and requires CAI Certifications to be renewed every two years. Renewal of your certification demonstrates your commitment to the professional standards in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, and to your own continued growth and education.

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Appreciative Inquiry Directory

Are you a consultant, trainer or facilitator called to create a thriving more sustainable world? Is your vision bigger than you can accomplish with the resources available to you right now? Imagine being part of a global network of change agents forming a generative community focused on this shared mission.

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry Directory was created to allow clients to find certified Appreciative Inquiry professionals worldwide, provide expert support and peer collaboration for independent consultants, and build a growing network of individuals who want to increase their impact for making a Positive Difference in the World Inspiring Success and Connections of People and Organizations.

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Customizable Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

Like many other business decisions, choosing a training for yourself or staff members is strategic. As an alternative or a supplement to your own in-house training, The Center for Appreciative Inquiry can custom-design trainings and workshops that address your organization’s specific needs and interests.

We deliver powerful learning experiences that support your key business values and objectives. All of our trainings are infused with Appreciative Inquiry, are professional and practical, and take place in a location of your choice.

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Virtual Appreciative Inquiry Engagements

The popularity of engaging virtually – via email, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media channels – has significantly impacted the speed at which information can be obtained and changed the way people work and learn today.

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s virtual engagements (webinar, skype, online learning) offer a highly adaptive, effective and continuous learning model that is engaging, experiential, and focuses on application. All of our Appreciative Inquiry trainers have a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area — bringing a balance of education, consulting, and on-the-job experience to all of our virtual engagements.

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Become a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Trainer

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry is seeking experienced trainers, coaches, consultants and facilitators to become certified to teach its Appreciative Inquiry Trainings and Workshops. Trainers will be certified to deliver our various workshops (to business, community, non-profit, education, etc.) to support the growth and interest in Appreciative Inquiry focusing on dialogue, collaboration and how the human systems thrive.

We are looking for high energy people with a commitment to helping others develop and grow as internal facilitators and to be part of creating a better World Community. If you are grounded in humans systems flourishing demonstrated by your views of social change and by participating in the AI Community, you may be a good match for this program.

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