W.O.W. Words of Wisdom

What are your Words of Wisdom (W.O.W.) for up-and-coming Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals?

I have 3 questions and would love to hear WOW from professionals at any stage.

  1. What’s one thing you wish you knew when you first started (as an L&D Professional)?
  2. What’s the greatest piece of practical advice you’ve been given (as an L&D Professional)?
  3. What’s one book/curriculum piece that made all of the difference in your ability to train and develop others?
Melissa Robaina

About Melissa Robaina

Melissa Robaina, MBA is an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Consultant for the Company of Experts. For the last few years, Melissa has worked for the Company as a content creator and has collaborated with numerous subject matter experts around the world researching, organizing, and writing material that nurtures discussion and is applicable to today’s rapidly changing environment. Melissa has an interest in adult learning theory and is passionate about coordinating, developing, and facilitating transformation solutions in all human systems. Melissa has also co-facilitated Company of Experts offerings related to Change, Paradigm Shifts and Online offerings.

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