WAIC 2012 Recap

The fifth World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC), held in Ghent Belgium, is over, but what a magical and wonderful experience is was for everyone there. Over 600 people from over 45 countries attended this event.

This 5th World Conference on Appreciative Inquiry emphasizes AI as a theory and practice of connecting people and generating new possibilities. As no other process does, AI helps us to understand, to build and to enhance interconnectedness. Based upon the principles of AI and social-constructionism, new business models and organization types will emerge, more powerful and more needed than ever. It is our common challenge to bring these experiences into mainstream business, transcending and transforming old structures into coherent, resilient networks of professionals that bring out and connect the best of their capacities.

Below is a compilation of articles, videos, pictures, newsletters, etc. that we collected from keynote speakers, presenters, and attendees who participated in the 2012 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference. Enjoy!