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Appreciative Inquiry and Families: Parents and Teenagers

Presented by: Dr. Cheri Torres – 1 Hour Recording Aired: Aug. 24, 2010
It’s easy to be appreciative and talk about best experiences when children are young and when everything is going well. The challenge is being Appreciative when things get tough. This webinar explores concepts that will support families when parenting is most challenging. A simple set of practices will fortify you and allow you to continue to parent with a heart at peace. Learn More>>

Learning to Be Curious: The Heart of Appreciative Inquiry

Presented by: Dr. Cheri Torres – 1 Hour Recording Aired: Aug. 17, 2010
Appreciative Inquiry is not just about asking positive questions, its also about learning to see the world with fresh eyes, learning to open your mind, heart and will and from that place work with others to allow the future that wants to emerge to come through. Peter Reason suggests we develop an attitude of inquiry about all of life and especially about our own perceptions and beliefs. This highly experiential webinar will engage you in activities that will inspire self-reflection and leave you seeing the importance of engaging from a place of curiosity. Learn More>>

Engaging in Difficult Conversations: Discussing What Matters Most

Presented by: Dr. Cheri Torres – 1 Hour Recording Aired: Feb. 23, 2010
There are certain conversations we all dread, such as delivering bad news, discussing sensitive subjects, confronting unprofessional behavior, or revealing unfavorable performance reviews. Regardless of the topic, difficult conversations occur at all levels of an organization. While it may be tempting to ignore the problems or delay the conversation, disregarding critical issues only creates additional problems and conflict – often resulting in a loss of productivity and engagement. Working in today’s competitive, fast-paced environment requires a broad foundation of leadership, communication, and people skills. The ability to engage in and facilitate difficult conversations effectively is one of the many challenges faced by many workers today. Learn More >>

From Perfection to Sustainable Growth: Practicing the Art of Appreciative Inquiry

Presented by: Dr. Cheri Torres – 1 Hour Recording Aired: Oct. 14, 2010
Built to last is out . . . Designed to Evolve is in. The notion of perfection can only exist in a static world. We live in complex, dynamic times and only organizations and communities that are designed to evolve will be capable of sustainable growth. This webinar explores four basic capacities necessary for self-evolving systems. Participants will leave the webinar with materials that will support interpersonal practices that support collaborative learning and innovation. Learn More>>

Healing Healthcare Organizations

Presented by: Kristen Crusoe RN, MN, EdD – 1 Hour Recording
Aired: Sept. 23, 2010
Healthcare organizations are unique for several reasons: they are heavily regulated; rely on knowledge construction and use rather than information management; have caring for others as their primary reason for existence; are both high tech and high touch; and require continual change and innovation for sustainability. These factors create a dynamic system in which the development of a culture of inquiry is necessary to support an environment in which change and innovation can thrive. Appreciation creates the context for this healing environment through inquiry, relationship, and communication. Learn More>>

Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities

Presented by: Dr. Lane Glenn – 1 Hour Recording Aired: Mar. 5, 2010
Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to planning and positive change that has been used successfully in colleges, communities and organizations all around the world. It is broad-based, highly participative, and energizing. It builds new skills in faculty and staff, develops new leaders, encourages a culture of inquiry, and helps create shared vision and purpose for your college by building on your core values and strengths. Perhaps most importantly-it leads to action, commitment, and results. Learn More>>

Strength-Based Leadership: Positive Approaches for Outstanding Performance

Presented by: Dr. Ray Wells – 60 and 90 Minute Recordings Aired: Multiple Dates
Who we are when we are at our best? How do leaders and managers learn to discover and leverage their own strengths, capture the human energy within their organizations, and create cultures that help people perform at their best? This program helps participants understand and leverage personal strengths and discover ways of maximizing the strengths of those around them. We’ll explore:

  • The four primary sources of the positive, appreciative, strengths-based movement, and the value of each
  • The business case for this approach to management and leadership
  • Developing an “appreciative eye.”
  • Strengths spotting: discovering others’ strengths and capabilities
  • Capitalizing on the strengths of others; using strengths to build high performing teams
  • Positive approaches for developing a culture of high performance

Learn More >>

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