A Brief History of AI

As Nancy Stetson describes, "The birth of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was unplanned and unintended." Surprisingly, this proven approach to collaborative, strengths-based change began as a footnote in a report to the Cleveland Clinic in 1983.

Affiliate Program

Host your strength-based program in collaboration with The Center for Appreciative Inquiry (CAI). Give your program a competitive edge, unquestioned credibility, exposure to our worldwide audience, and membership into our growing network of successful providers.

AI in Action in the World

Learn how people who have become certified in one of our Appreciative Inquiry programs are using AI in their companies, schools, communities, and healthcare organizations to inspire positive change in people and organizations.

Appreciative Inquiry Core Competencies

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry developed the following competencies to provide a framework to help individuals strengthen their understanding, skills, and application of Appreciative Inquiry by identifying both the technical skills and behavioral expectations needed…

Flexible Payment Options

CAI offers secure payment options as a manageable alternative to paying your registration fees in a lump-sum payment. Learn about the benefits and how to enroll.

Generic Processes of AI

Ever wonder what people mean when they talk about the 5-D's of Appreciative Inquiry? This short video provides a great overview of the process.

Other AI Resources

News, books, websites, and podcasts! These inspired resources provide unlimited ways for you to learn about Appreciative Inquiry and the difference positivity makes in how we see the world.

Principles of AI

The 10 Principles of AI are the basic tenets that describe the philosophy that support AI and are split into two categories: original and emergent. AI evolves to engage people and create lasting change.


Browse through our recorded, on-demand webinars on a variety of Appreciative Inquiry topics for families, healthcare, strategic planning, and more.

Trending Topics

AI can be used to address challenges and opportunities organizations face today. Which of these trending topics might positively provoke an AI engagement in your organization or with your clients?


From professional and personal insights to forward-thinking topics that inspire action, our video library has something for everyone.

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