Positive Approaches to Change (Solutions Focus at Work)

Positive Approaches to Change (Solutions Focus at Work)

Positive Approaches to Change (Solutions Focus at Work)
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The first Solutions Focus field book. This collection of articles from the AMED journal "Organisations & People" describes international experience of applying the positive power of Solutions Focus and Appreciative Inquiry to Coaching, Team Remotivation, Supervision, Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Feedback, Organisation Development, Staff Appraisal, Competence Management, and Community Development. Contributors include Louis Cauffman, Sheila McNamee, Paul Z Jackson, Peter Szabo, Gunter Lueger, Harry Norman and others from the UK, across Europe and the USA. This collection gives you new applications and ideas about staying pragmatically positive and incisively simple in many organisational contexts. Includes a new and expanded introduction by Mark McKergow comparing positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and Solutions Focus.


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Books Positive Approaches to Change (Solutions Focus at Work) $19.99
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