NextUp: The Art and Science of High Performing Teams

We learned about it and agreed it would help us, but we just don’t seem to do it!” Such is the ultimate outcome of many teamwork, leadership, and organizational change workshops. Why is it so hard to implement change from the flashes of insight that come from good trainings and workshops?

The answer is simple. Great ideas and insights only take root in an environment that fosters continuous innovation to improve the way people work together. Personal agendas, power dynamics, interpersonal differences, and culture often keep us stuck in old patterns. With NextUp, these “problems” become stepping stones for creating a culture of excellence and innovation through inquiry and continuous learning.

NextUp is an organizational practice designed to support continuous change efforts, especially those related to teamwork, leadership, and culture. This tool is uniquely designed to support our natural way of evolving and developing mastery: committed practice over time. NextUp involves identifying issues that, if transformed, have the potential to create positive and desired outcomes for people and operations. NextUp enables teams to design mini-experiments that move performance in the desired direction. Using this tool, teams develop a learner mindset, produce a map of continuous experimentation and improvement AND the emotional commitment to stick with it.

This workshop is not a “one-off” experience. It is a laboratory, designed to initiate a commitment from your team to an ongoing process of continuous learning and innovation. Your time will not be spent learning about change or NextUp; instead you will engage in the practice, creating desired change from the outset.

Topics Discussed:

  • Embodying Me to We and the Learner Mindset;
  • The Four Basic Appreciative Inquiry Practices: Framing, Inquiring, Visioning, and Action Learning;
  • Implementing NextUp and designing the first round of change experiments.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. A more cohesive and empowered team, energized for positive change: a shift from ‘me’ to ‘we.’
  2. An embodied sense of what it means to have a learner/experimental mindset and what the shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ can accomplish.
  3. Practical knowledge and tools for working together from an appreciative perspective.
  4. Knowledge and skill in using NextUp to:
    1. Create/master desired change in any area: culture, performance, teamwork, or leadership.
    2. Explicitly onboard new employees or new members of a team
  5. A shared map to move the team/organization to the next level of excellence: a set of experiments and a strategy for learning and evolving towards excellence.

Workshop Will Benefit:

  • Teams and Team Leaders looking to improve teamwork, resolve conflict, or develop high performance patterns;
  • Departments or Divisions interested in improving collaboration and performance;
  • Leaders interested in developing a learning organization or supporting specific culture change efforts.

Pricing for this Intact Group Workshop:

Pricing for NextUp workshops is dependent upon the following:

  • Number of participants in attendance;
  • Length of workshop;
  • The location of the training;
  • Training expenses (e.g. travel, printing, instructional materials, etc.);
  • Pre- and/or Post- workshop activities (optional).

Please call us or write to Kathy Becker at to receive a pricing estimate for your organization.

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