Customizable Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

Like many other business decisions, choosing a training for yourself or staff members is strategic. As an alternative or a supplement to your own in-house training, The Center for Appreciative Inquiry can custom-design training workshops that address your team or organization’s specific needs and interests.

When you choose The Center for Appreciative Inquiry, you partner with one the world’s most respected organizations to gain the knowledge and skills your employees need to flourish. We design and deliver powerful learning experiences that support your key business values and objectives. All of our trainings are infused with Appreciative Inquiry, are professional and practical, and take place in a location of your choice or virtually.


There are several benefits of customized programs compared to public programs:

  • Customized Content. Training curricula is designed to meet the specific learning needs of your organization whereby content and exercises are tailored to bridge the gap from the current state to the desired state where key learning outcomes can be measured.
  • Collective Learning. Your organization and its stakeholders bring different experiences and skill sets to the work environment. By having a customized course delivered to all the team members at the same time, employees learn key concepts and applications as a team, identify the benefits of applying these applications, and design structures and systems that will allow them to achieve their desired future together.
  • Maximize Convenience. You can schedule trainings on dates and times that work best for your organization’s calendar. All of our customizable programs can be delivered at the site/location of your business or site of preference or virtually.
  • Cost effective. Training costs are minimized by eliminating or reducing employee travel, food and lodging expenses.
  • Support. To ensure the successful implementation of the skill sets taught during our trainings, our trainer(s) make themselves readily available to answer questions, share knowledge, and provide on-going support and encouragement long after the training has concluded.
  • Training Add-Ons (Optional). We can design continuous learning opportunities for your employees by providing pre- and post- training readings, activities and exercises that are relevant to your business needs and nourish and sustain positive change.


Pricing for our workshops are dependent upon the following:

  • Number of participants in attendance;
  • Length of workshop;
  • The number of Certified Ai Facilitators and/or Trainers needed to successfully deliver workshop the desired outcomes;
  • The location of the training;
  • Training expenses (e.g. travel, printing, instructional materials, etc.);
  • Pre- and/or Post- workshop activities (optional).

Please call us or write to Kathy Becker at to receive a pricing estimate for your organization.

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