Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Training (ARFT)

Uplift and sustain your workplace and beyond with appreciative resilience

About the Program

Each of us lives in a complex and unpredictable world and we are called upon again and again to help others be resilient and to be resilient ourselves.

Bring your understanding of the foundations and application of Appreciative Inquiry to uplifting and sustaining your workplace and beyond with appreciative resilience. Appreciative Resilience is built from the tenets of Appreciative Inquiry and from powerful resilience practices.

This Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Training (ARFT) is designed for appreciative inquiry practitioners who want to deliver the Appreciative Resilience workshop and the ALIVE workshop for clients and colleagues and/or foster appreciative resilience informally with organizations, teams and individuals. It is also excellent facilitation training for those seeking to facilitate in complex situations.

In this facilitator training you will delve into the facilitation practices and considerations for delivering two powerful resilience processes. The first process is the appreciative resilience practice that uses appreciative inquiry to examine how you can foster hope and a hopeful view as a foundation of resilience; utilize your strengths in times of challenge and despair; and undertake the will and power to forgive. The second process is the ALIVE practice which is a powerful tool to use in challenging times. ALIVE stands for Appreciate, Love, Inquire, Venture, and Evolve. This tool uses appreciative generative questions to examine resilience.

Both of these appreciative resilience processes are built from the practices of appreciative inquiry and are based upon the appreciative resilience work and writing of Joan McArthur-Blair and Jeanie Cockell.

People often think of resilience as a response to weathering challenges but in appreciative resilience work the aim is to create a sustaining practice of resilience.

All Center for Appreciative Inquiry programs are delivered virtually offering real-time and self-paced training for everyone. Please contact us to learn about in-person group sessions that are available for organizations desiring private training.

Training Segments

ARFT Training Segments

This certification course utilizes the textbook, Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness by our trainers Jeanie Cockell and Joan McArthur-Blair. They “invite you to hone the practice of Appreciative Resilience in your leadership and watch might grow in yourselves and others.”

Learning Outcomes

In this Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Training (ARFT) practitioners will advance and deepen their skills in:

• Examining resilience research
• Exploring the uses of Appreciative Inquiry in facilitating complex conversations;
• Facilitating the ALIVE workshop;
• Facilitating the appreciative resilience workshop;
• Building a personal Appreciative Resilience facilitation plan;
• Reflecting on worldview and how it influences the approach to appreciative resilience facilitation;
• Incorporating a focus on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into resilience conversations;
• Receiving and giving feedback on facilitation.

Through the paths of hope, despair and forgiveness learned from Appreciative resilience, we build and uplift ourselves and others in the critical moments that we experience in leadership.
Denise Kiona Henning, Ph.D, Director, UNCW/3C, Professor, Higher Education
University of North Carolina Wilmington


Participants must have a solid understanding of the foundations and application of Appreciative Inquiry.

Certification Requirements

  • In order to qualify for certification each participant will create a portfolio on how they are taking appreciative resilience out into the world. The portfolio can arise from creating and facilitating an event; providing a workshop; facilitating complex conversations; coaching; or other facilitation practice. The portfolio might contain:
    • Outline of what you have designed and facilitated;
    • Images, video, agendas, themes, outcomes;
    • Personal reflections on the experience of facilitating appreciative resilience. The portfolio can be an infographic, video, written document, and/or other creative form. The portfolio is due 6 months after the program.

Once certified, your Appreciative Resilience Facilitator Certification lasts for x years and includes:

  • A Certification document for your records;
  • Use of the Center for Appreciative Inquiry Certification logo to embed on your website or include in your email signature;
  • A listing on our Appreciative Inquiry Directory. Learn more about the benefits of our AI Directory here.

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Additional Training Information

Participants will receive login information to the Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s (CAI) online learning platform closer to the training date. We will open the online platform to participants three business days prior to the start of the training. This allows participants time to navigate the software and become acquainted with the various features and tools it offers, introduce themselves to their trainers and other vAIFT participants, and access all pre-workshop reading and materials.

All Center for Appreciative Inquiry programs are being offered virtually at this time. In-person trainings can be arranged for organizations that prefer or require closed sessions. In-person sessions follow a planned agenda and take place over four (4) days. We encourage at least eight (8) members from any organization, group, or community attend so that they can design and co-facilitate AI sessions. Contact us to learn more.

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