Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT)

Facilitate Positive Change in Your Organization, School, or Community

About the Program

This foundational training course teaches you how to facilitate the type of transformative change made possible through Appreciative Inquiry. Learn the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and participate in exercises to define the topic of inquiry, practice positive framing, work with core teams, design and field test an interview protocol, and more.

To enhance the learning experience, this course includes mini-lectures and experiential learning (for individuals, pairs, trios, small group, and large group) as well as engaging auditory and visual materials.

All Center for Appreciative Inquiry programs are delivered virtually offering real-time and self-paced training for everyone. In-person group sessions are available for organizations desiring private training; contact us.

Training Segments

We delve deeply into eight (8) modules within the four training segments. They are designed to guide you through the full range and depth of what it means to be an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator.

Learning Outcomes

As a fully engaged participant in the Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT©), you will leave the workshop better able to:

  1. Create/enhance your personal appreciative approach – to focus on what’s right in your world, so that you can deeply inquire into why, and then find ways of intentionally creating more of what’s right in your world.
  2. Help others – individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and communities – by facilitating sessions to achieve potential outcomes such as:
  • Sustainable, transformative change at the speed of imagination
  • Change from problem-focused to possibility-focused
  • Clarified or enhanced sense of identity, shared values and culture
  • Established climate of continual learning and inquiry
  • Renewal of group energy, hope, motivation and commitment
  • Increased curiosity and sense of vitality
  • Whole system changes in culture and language (increase in cooperative practices, ratio of positive to negative comments; affirmative questions and/or narrative-rich communication)
  • Improved working relations/conflict resolution
  • Decrease in hierarchical decision-making; increase in egalitarian practices and self-initiated action

“. . . this training has allowed me to reconnect with the facilitator, partner and guide I want to be for my clients. I am leaving armed with new skills and an important reminder that how I “show up” in any given moment significantly influences the destiny of my work, and that of my clients.” – C. Brown



Certification Requirements

  • Letter of Course Completion upon completing 26 training hours.
  • Written practicum demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, its various applications, what you learned, and how you’ve applied AI in your work or organization.

Participants who would like to become certified have one (1) year from the date of their training to submit their narrative for review. During this time, your trainers make themselves available to you for mentoring and support (at no additional cost) as you work through your first inquiry. Your mentoring/support can be done via telephone, skype, zoom, etc. at mutually convenient times in this iterative, supportive process. Learn more about our Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Certification requirements here.

Once certified, your Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Certification lasts for 2 years and includes:

  • A Certification document for your records;
  • Use of the Center for Appreciative Inquiry Certification logo to embed on your website or include in your email signature;
  • A listing on our Appreciative Inquiry Directory. Learn more about the benefits of our AI Directory here.

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Additional Training Information

Participants will receive login information to the Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s (CAI) online learning platform closer to the training date. We will open the online platform to participants three business days prior to the start of the training. This allows participants time to navigate the software and become acquainted with the various features and tools it offers, introduce themselves to their trainers and other vAIFT participants, and access all pre-workshop reading and materials.

All Center for Appreciative Inquiry programs are being offered virtually at this time. In-person trainings can be arranged for organizations that prefer or require closed sessions. In-person sessions follow a planned agenda and take place over four (4) days. We encourage at least eight (8) members from any organization, group, or community attend so that they can design and co-facilitate AI sessions. Contact us to learn more.

Company of Experts, Inc./the Center for Appreciative Inquiry is pleased to be able to include additional secure payment options as a manageable alternative to paying your registration fees in a lump-sum payment. You may choose your preferred option: pay now or later with PayPal, Venmo, or your debit/credit card. Learn more.

All fees are due upon registration.  Your full participation is very important to us and we know that from time to time, your plans to attend one of our workshops or programs may change.  Our refund policy reflects our interest in your continued growth and learning journey as well as our planning needs and expenses incurred based on your enrollment. For more information about our Refund Policy, please click here.

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