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This foundational training course teaches you how to facilitate the type of transformative change made possible through Appreciative Inquiry. Learn the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and how to apply its collaborative, strength-based approach to both personal and organizational development. Learn more

Appreciative Coaching is a revelatory and generative conversation that enlivens, amplifies, and sustains the positive core – source of the energy and intelligence of life – of both client and coach. Learn more.

This advanced certification series will empower you to become immersed in the practice of facilitating clients in identifying what gives life to their human systems in ways that build agile, adaptive and innovative organizations. Learn more.

Bring your understanding of the foundations and application of Appreciative Inquiry to uplifting and sustaining your workplace and beyond with appreciative resilience. Appreciative Resilience is built from the tenets of Appreciative Inquiry and from powerful resilience practices. Learn more.

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry is seeking experienced trainers, coaches, consultants and facilitators to become certified to teach its Appreciative Inquiry Trainings and Workshops. Trainers will be certified to deliver our various workshops to support the growth and interest in Appreciative Inquiry focusing on dialogue, collaboration and how the human systems thrive. Learn more.


Curious about Appreciative Inquiry? We invite you to learn about what makes AI transformational in the Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry (Intro2AI) course. Gain the essential knowledge and specialized skills to begin using this powerful and energizing tool for creating what will be. Learn more.

Combining visuals with the facilitated Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process increases participant engagement in meetings through a shared vision of understanding—not to mention, enjoyment! Participants do not need to know how to draw, just have an open mind to drawing. Nor do participants need to be certified AI facilitators or coaches. Regardless of your skill level, your interest and passion will drive your curiosity. Learn more.

Learn how to apply Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to create the social change of our time. Come prepared to collaboratively inquire into what’s working and what’s possible to create the change we want to see in our workplaces, communities, and family systems. Bring a DEI project (big or small, personal or professional) that will ensure your learning through immediate application. Learn more.

Conversations are at the heart of everything we do. They are key to effective leadership, high performing teams, and strong relationships and directly influence our present moment and possible futures. Are you engaging in Conversations Worth Having? Learn more.

Being resilient lets us venture and evolve using all of our strengths in the most challenging of times. Learn more.

Now more than ever department chairs are finding themselves pushed to new levels of leadership and understanding of the complexity of human systems within the context of our educational systems. We offer a strengths-based approach to engaging leaders and employees to become change agents in this time of complexity. Learn more about this experiential program.

Learn how to implement positive change in your organization or institution during our interactive “mini” workshops focused on specific topics and often within one hour. Learn more.


Take strategic planning out of the Boardroom! Let us design an Appreciative Inquiry strategic planning engagement that becomes an exciting adventure into endless possibilities. Learn more.

Like many other business decisions, choosing a training for yourself or staff members is strategic. As an alternative or a supplement to your own in-house training, The Center for Appreciative Inquiry can custom-design training workshops that address your team or organization’s specific needs and interests. Learn more.


The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s virtual engagements (webinar, skype, online learning) offer a highly adaptive, effective and continuous learning model that is engaging, experiential, and focuses on application. Learn more about the virtual engagement option(s) that would work best for you or your organization.

Company of Experts, Inc./the Center for Appreciative Inquiry is pleased to be able to include additional secure payment options as a manageable alternative to paying your registration fees in a lump-sum payment. You may choose your preferred option: pay now or later with PayPal, Venmo, or your debit/credit card. Learn more.

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