How to interweave micro practices in daily conversation?

Highlight in the already enlightening dialogue between Ken Gergen and Danielle Zandee was their little play about how conversations can degenerate, and how to prevent this – or even turn them into a generative alternative. Subsequently, Danielle asked the audience to think about ways to ‘interweave’ or ‘interlock’ the micro practices into day to day conversations, and make them sustainable. Besides the fact that Ken was struggling with the challenge to keep the practices ‘fresh’, one could question Danielle’s question, referring to the great philosopher Richard Rorty and his theory around the contingency of language. In fact, he suggests (!) that we are simply unable to ‘interlock’ practices in the conversation, because conversation itself is an in-between-emerging process, causing the language to develop, including the interpretations and meanings. You could say then that we have a solution to Ken’s struggle, because conversation itself undergoes renewal. But I’m afraid this renewal does not always move into a generative direction, so to speak. I love Rorty’s book title ‘Take care of freedom, and truth will take care of itself’.

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