Stephen is a coach, mentor, and teacher who specializes in developing leaders and teams who practice high emotional and cultural intelligence through coaching grounded in the Appreciative Inquiry process and validated behavioral assessments.
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STEPHEN BELIEVES THAT TRUE LEADERSHIP does not involve telling others what to do, but rather helping them discover what they were made to do. As a coach he does not use a one size fits all program, but a highly individual and personalized, process: it is the art of applied insight based upon solid science. 

Stephen’s willingness to think counterintuitively and outside the box with clients helps them apply their unique strengths and navigate their struggles, whatever their calling. His coaching also helps them to avoid the limitations of some leadership industry truisms and go deeper. This has led to his resonance with the culture of the Appreciative Inquiry community. The gifts he brings to his clients include the ability to ask provocative questions that help clients make new connections and foster deep learning and change. Stephen is creative, innovative, and highly relational as a coach, encouraging others with insight that draws upon more than forty years of experience in work and ministry contexts. Stephen’s coaching helps clients to look forward rather than backward, and to cultivate hope and generative optimism into their work and lives. He has a high level of confidence in another person’s capacity to grow and mature in their ability to lead, whatever their temperament, and make meaningful contributions to their work and community. 

Stephen is sought after as an accomplished speaker and for his personal warmth and ability to quickly develop rapport, to connect, and be present with individuals and groups.

Stephen completed his professional doctoral research in advanced ministry practice at Covenant Theological Seminary. He has received post graduate training as an Executive and Personal Coach with the College of Executive Coaching, he holds the Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Certification, and RightPath Facilitator Certification. Together his training and experience give him a unique lens as a coach. Many whose life work is caring for and leading others have sought his care and leadership in their own lives. 

“I’ve seen the light and energy return to individual leaders as well as a large rooms full of people, not because I became their motivation, but because they have reconnected with what they value most.” 

Commercial construction and renovation, vocal performance, restaurant management, and ordained ministry have given Stephen broad experience including the privilege of serving as a coach and mentor to three leadership teams who were establishing new faith communities in Dublin, Ireland and the U.S, business leaders,  entrepreneurs, executive leaders, sole proprietors, and managers.


Executive Coaching

Specializing in Executive and Personal Coaching and Team Building for Social Entrepreneurs

Leadership Retreats

Behavioral Assessment and profiles for executive teams. Communication Style, and team dynamics. Foundation for talent appraisal and hiring.

Long-range Sabbatical Planning

Priorities and goals, preparation and boundaries for successful, restorative sabbatical experience for those who lead intensive care-giving organizations.

Executive Pastoral Coaching

Coaching designed for pastors who leads in multi-dimensional capacities, and who seek a coach and pastor for longevity and personal growth.