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Sally Beth’s background as an educator, director, and minister informs her work as an AI Facilitator and Trainer.  Her approach to AI integrates both head and heart, so people depart from her programs and trainings both knowledgeable and inspired.  Teams she has worked with report immediate positive results, having identified new possibilities as well as a plan for the committed action needed to turn dreams into reality. 

Shore began her career as an environmental scientist and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science from the University of North Carolina.  She began preparing for the ministry in 2006, while teaching, having a small business, and mothering, going on to earn a Masters of Divinity  (Meadville Lombard Theological School, 2012.)

Initially introduced to Appreciative Inquiry in 2005, Sally Beth was able to learn about and see the power of AI Facilitation for religious organizations. After her ordination and ministerial fellowshipping in 2013, she earned AI Facilitator Certification through the Center for AI and now works, with teams of all sizes from diverse backgrounds including non-profits, businesses, and religious organizations.  In 2017, she started her consulting business, WonderWorks, and she has facilitated and taught AI workshops globally; clients include North Carolina Easter Seals UCP, the International Positive Education Network, the Children’s Home Society of NC, the Society of International Business Fellows, the Middle Eastern Leadership Academy, as well as a minister’s groups and churches. In 2019, she presented 2 workshops at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Nice, France, and served on the Planning Committee for the 3rd annual  2019 AI Jam in Burlington VT, held in October. 

Currently she is wrapping up her AI Facilitator Trainer certification, and also  she is currently she is serving as the Interim Minister at the Unitarian Universalists of Brevard, NC. 

Sally Beth loves the AI approach because it enables people to discover and amplify their individual gifts which, when combined add up to much more than the parts.  She has seen the power and the magic of the strengths-based approach to collaboration and change, and she is eager to share it with you.   A firm believer in Human Potential, Shore shares her thoughts about the breadth and depth of human possibility at www.wonderofeachother.com and her business site is www.sbswonderworks.com . 





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