John is skilled and experienced in the innovation development process and strengths-based change management (Appreciative Inquiry). He holds an M.A in design thinking, is a certified appreciative inquiry facilitator and has experience with the StoryBrand marketing...
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Does your organization struggle with creating a thriving culture? Are you seeking more creativity and to optimize your workforce? Do you wish you knew how to deliver effective communications to your internal and external audiences? Or perhaps you are wanting to develop innovative solutions (such as products and services) that will help differentiate your brand.

You are not alone. Today’s organizations face multiple, complex problems that have many leaders feeling stuck and uncertain of how to move forward. That’s where I can help. Together, we can create a strategy that will help your organization overcome the challenges you face. We’ll talk, make a plan together and then watch your organization flourish. 

I am skilled and experienced in not only Appreciative Inquiry, but design thinking, the innovation process and developing marketing communications that connect you with your audiences. 

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Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation

Using Appreciative Inquiry to: optimize your workforce, create a thriving, creative culture, design a strategic plan that moves your organization forward.

Marketing Message Desgin

Using a story framework to create compelling messages that connect you with your customers, internal audiences and other stakeholders

The Innovation Process

Using design thinking to create exciting new innovations in service, products, events, and processes.


Strategic Vision and Brand Identity

AI to help an organization cast a strategic vision and create a brand identity

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