Jim Pulliam is the Chief Executive Officer of Distance Edu Learning, Inc. and is a co-owner of Company of Experts, Inc. Jim’s professional experience includes serving as a faculty member, dean, provost, and founding Superintendent/President of...
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My “walk” is no different from others nor the opportunities or achievements any greater. Spending time in the financial markets, teaching from the primary grades to graduate school, serving as a founding College President, Vice President of the Company of Experts and CEO of a software Company are professional experiences. Volunteer organizations range from holding professional statewide office, foundation boards, regional economic development board and serving as an appointee of a Governor on a BRAC Commission.

What have I learned? I have learned that our similarities are greater than our differences. Differences of people can be measured in millimeters not miles. It all depends on ones perspective. I have also learned that destiny is up to us. One once said, “ it isn’t a journey but a quest”. A journey happens, a quest is something we thirst for.

What have I observed? I have observed that those making the greatest contribution for others are living lives of significance not necessarily one for their personal success.

What do I believe? I believe it is up to you, and you and me.

Bio/Resume: Jim Pulliam is the Chief Executive Officer of Distance Edu Learning, Inc. and is a co-owner of Company of Experts, Inc. With over 34 years of public service in the California community college system and four years in the K-12 system in California, Jim’s professional experience includes serving as a faculty member, dean, provost, and founding Superintendent/President of a California Community College District.

Distance EDU Learning has developed a Learning Centered Framework for online learning. The software, Fintelo, manages the delivery of course content to the learner, provides for the interface between the learner and the instructor, and manages Learning Outcomes and Assessment. Fintelo has been designed to be used within the business and corporate world. Corporations can offer classes and receive training on demand, through the Application Service Provider model, without having to maintain expensive hardware and software. FinteloFeatures include: Collaborative Learning Environment, Learning Centered Framework, Instructor Virtual Office & Binder, Student Virtual Office & Binder, Administrative Virtual Office, Virtual Classroom, Reports, Interactive Bookshelf, Assessments &Gradebook and Student Learning Outcomes.

Distance Edu learning, Inc (Fintelo) has been awarded a U.S. Patent and has two others pending. As a founding college president, Jim established a solid, collaborative environment with the faculty and staff. He was able to build strong relationships in the local community and politicians to fund and organize a new community college in California. Leading a committed administrative, faculty, staff, student, and community partnership, the college gained funding to begin discussions on building programs, services, partnerships, and facilities for the future.

The college earned a full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which was a highlight for the community. Jim’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in economics and history, a master’s degree in history, a master’s degree in instructional systems technology, and postgraduate work toward a doctorate in educational leadership. Colleges and universities that he attended, in chronological order are: University of Redlands (graduate and undergraduate studies), California State University, Chico (graduate studies), Chapman University (graduate studies), Colgate University (graduate studies), and University of La Verne (graduate studies). Director of the Department Chair Institute. This experiential program is designed to provide department chairs with the tools and skills needed to be successful on the job. We strive to ensure that each department chair will leave at the end of the three day institute with relevant knowledge and tools to ensure their success as department/division leaders. The program is engaging and interactive bringing new skills, information and techniques to those on the front lines of higher education.

Now more than ever department chair’s are finding themselves pushed to new levels of leadership and understanding of the complexity of human systems within the context of our educational systems.

Our goal is to work with each department chair to achieve maximum results for each training dollar expended. We encourage you to look beyond the traditional approach to incorporating a strengths based method to engage leaders and employees to become change agents in this time of complexity. Engaged employees embrace the organization’s goals and mission and become accountable for results.

We work with many organizations to develop a collaborative environment for culture change as a framework for employee engagement and accountability at all levels. True accountability is stakeholder driven and focused on the big picture which is why we incorporate a strengths-based approach to our Department Chair Institute© (DCI) as well as providing subsequent practice and mentoring opportunities.


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New College President Coaching

New Business Start Up

Summit Design and Delivery – Large and Small

Strategic Planning

Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, Facilitation and Training

Board Training, Development and Retreat Planning

Teacher and Trainer: Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training; Department Chair Institute; Leadership Development


Learning Management Systems