Collaborating for Change: Appreciative Inquiry

Collaborating for Change: Appreciative Inquiry

Collaborating for Change: Appreciative Inquiry
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A truly revolutionary method of change management, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) emphasizes inquiry into strengths, rather than focusing exclusively on fixing weaknesses. Written by the originators and leaders of the AI movement, this accessible guide offers a practical introduction to the method, which has been used to significantly enhance customer satisfaction, cost competitiveness, revenues, profits, and employee engagement, as well as organizations' abilities to meet the needs of society. Full of exciting stories that illustrate its many applications and benefits, this is the most authoritative guide to Al. By using this change method to systematically tap human potential, organizations, communities, and individuals become more effective.


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The Center for Appreciative Inquiry uses Ai as our "engine" for driving positive change. We work with schools, colleges/universities, gov't agencies, businesses, and NGOs to focus their planning & thinking for full engagement, empowerment & collaboration that is relevant & action-oriented. Since 1989, we have developed training and coaching programs for immediate and long-term impact, focusing on changing workplace practices rather than trying to change people.