Levels of AI Certification

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry maintains high standards for Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators, Coaches, Practitioners and Trainers worldwide. Appreciative Inquiry Certification demonstrates to your customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-respected best practices and possess the knowledge, experience and education to effectively help organizations achieve their success. There are five certification paths for you to choose from. Please take a moment to review each certification training to determine which program best fits your needs.

This 4-day training will provide the skills necessary to facilitate appreciative inquiry sessions in all human systems (large or small). This Appreciative Inquiry foundations course teaches the basics of Appreciative Inquiry (e.g. principles, the 5D’s, supporting theory and research, etc.) but delves deeper by providing experiential exercises that will teach you how to work with a core team, design an interview guide, field test this interview guide, how to generate energy for the inquiry, and how to sustain energy for change during and after the inquiry.
Pre-requisite: None
Number of Training Hours: 26

This 5-day course will comprise a full Appreciative Inquiry into our collective experience of Appreciative Inquiry and Coaching. Together we will explore and experience each of the 5 D’s as it relates to one-on-one relationships (between you and your client). The practicum, which participants will submit for certification, will embody “Destiny” as you apply the lessons taught during this course into your coaching/consulting work.
Pre-requisite: AIFT or equivalent Appreciative Inquiry foundations course (with a minimum of 26 classroom hours
Number of Training Hours: 32

In this 3-day workshop, participants will experience an advanced community of practice where they can identify their personal strengths as AI facilitators, enhance their contracting skills, and expand their capacity to design and lead AI initiatives that result in accelerated, sustainable change with measurable outcomes. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and participate in dialogues drawn from their actual experiences while in the field.
Pre-requisite: AICT or equivalent Appreciative Inquiry course (with a minimum of 32 classroom hours)
Number of Training Hours: 21

Our Train-the-Trainer program has adopted a training observation model, wherein the trainee and Certified Lead Trainer (CLT) share expertise and collaborate to design solutions and activities to improve the training(s). Individuals interested in becoming trainers with the Center for Appreciative Inquiry have the option to become a Certified Ai Facilitator Trainer, Ai Coaching Trainer, or an Ai Practitioner Trainer. The number of training hours for this program varies based on which Ai course the trainee wishes to be certified in. To learn more about our Appreciative Inquiry Train-the-Trainer Program, please click here.
Pre-requisite: Completed the AIFT, AICT or AIPT and have submitted a practicum for that course.
Number of Training Hours: variable

Certified Lead Appreciative Inquiry Trainers are licensed to deliver our various Ai workshops (to business, community, non-profit, education, etc.) as well as teach, mentor and observe those participating in our Ai Train-the-Trainer program.
Pre-requisite: Completed the Ai Train-the-Trainer Program and have submitted a practicum to be a Certified Ai Trainer
Number of Training Hours: variable

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