What are the Benefits of Using an Appreciative Inquiry Model?

Appreciative Inquiry is an invitation to an imaginative and fresh perception of individuals, groups, and organizations and the processes through which they change. Below are potential outcomes of incorporating Appreciative Inquiry in your personal and professional life:

  • Change at the speed of imagination – rapid, sustainable, transformative change
  • Change in the basic orientation from problem-focused to possibility-focused
  • Clarified or enhanced sense of identity
  • Renewal of energy, hope, and motivation and commitment
  • Increased curiosity and sense of vitality
  • Improved working relations/conflict resolution

4 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Using an Appreciative Inquiry Model?

  1. Avatargerry pinon

    I would like to know more about appreciative inquiry. can you provide me with regular articles and reading materials? thanks a lot

  2. AvatarSam Gomba

    I work with a lot of people in private, public and institutional sectors and would like to contribute more especially in the areas of personal and collective perception change.

  3. AvatarKebba S. Badgie

    I work in a hospital as the CEO. I would like to know more about Appreciative Inquiry and how I can use it in a hospital setting to elicit change and development. I will also need relevant reading materials.


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