Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-Based Workshops

Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-Based Workshops

Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-Based Workshops
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A practical resource for facilitators who want to introducepositive, strength-based perspectives into their work andtrainings, this book provides an overview of Appreciative Inquiry'spositive psychology and strength-based change methods. Author RobynStratton-Berkessel explores basic principles and practices, showsyou how to incorporate AI into existing work, and offers practicaladvice for designing new trainings. She provides a variety ofready-to-deliver workshops on topics such as leadership, diversity,technology, creativity, change, innovation, learning,collaboration, coaching, and team-building. In addition, shesuggests how to make the outcomes of an Appreciative Inquirysession stick and what it takes to make these valuable approachesself-sustaining. A first in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, this importantresource provides twenty one ready-to-use workshops forfacilitators, leaders, consultants, and trainers who want toempower others in creating collaborative solutions."What you learn in a single book can change everything.Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions is RobynStratton-Berkessel at her very best?helping all of us openourselves to our best selves, envision possibilities, and get intouch with our own and other's strengths. A brilliantly appliedbook?with over 21 workshops ready for prime time delivery?helpingleaders tap the revolutionary power of appreciative inquiry or "AI"for creating value for customers, suppliers, team members,shareholders, and families. Are you ready to walk on thestrengths-based side of organization development and leadership?This inspiring volume will propel you upward step by step?it takesAI from concept to reality in an eloquent, empowering, and utterlyengaging way."?David Cooperrider, Fairmount Minerals Professor at Case WesternReserve University's Weatherhead School of Management"Both inspiring and highly practical, this book will be aninvaluable and no doubt well-thumbed addition to your library ofAppreciative Inquiry resources, whether you are a novice or anexperienced practitioner!"?Sue James, partner, BJ Seminars"Ms. Stratton-Berkessel's work leaves the reader with a clearunderstanding of why Appreciative Inquiry is such a powerful changemodel. Those new to Appreciative Inquiry will marvel at her uniqueexplanation of the 'phases' of Appreciative Inquiry. Those morefamiliar with Appreciative Inquiry will enjoy her explanations andexamples."?Timothy Germany, commissioner, Federal Mediation and ConciliationService"A practical approach grounded in personal experience...[thisbook] shows that Appreciative Inquiry is not a luxury but anecessity for organizational success."?Annalie Killian, catalyst for magic AMP, producer of the AMPLIFYInnovation & Thought Leadership Festival, Sydney, Australia


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