Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training (AICT)

Generate positive changes in performance, professional development, and organizational leadership

About the Program

Appreciative Inquiry Coaching is deeply rooted in Appreciative Inquiry and nourishes that which gives us life and inspires us to advance toward what we want and in the direction of the questions we ask ourselves. Appreciative coaching focuses on what has and is working in your professional and personal lives and is designed to capitalize on an individual, group, or organization’s strengths.

During appreciative coaching sessions, problems are acknowledged and used only as tools for learning. Appreciative coaching takes the best and helps make it better by expanding people’s capacity to perform and by channeling their abilities for the greatest impact. This approach to coaching will take the client from good to great because it fosters personal transformation through innate talent and inherent strength, increasing the likelihood of producing longer lasting results quickly.

What is Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training© (AICT)?

The Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training is not a problem-solving coaching approach, rather it looks at discovering and co-constructing the client’s positive core – what it is that connects them to life, energy, and possibility and allows them to thrive. Through the affirmative framework of Appreciative Inquiry, discover how to deepen and enhance both your personal sense of yourself as well as your skills for generative one-on-one conversations.

This Training is Designed For:

  • Individuals who understand and embody a strengths-based AI paradigm, who want to deepen their ability to relate one-on-one in bringing out the best in individuals (including themselves). It is therefore useful to leaders, managers, consultants, coaches, facilitators, educators, pastors/priests, etc;
  • Experienced Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators who would like to practice and improve their one-on-one communication skills;
  • Seasoned coaches who seek to strengthen their life-enriching ways of coaching.

Prerequisites for this Advanced Level Training Include:

  • Successful completion of an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training and submitted (or are in the process of submitting) your practicum; or
  • Participation in an Appreciative Inquiry Foundations course (with a minimum of 26 classroom hours) or
  • Attendance in an International Coaching Federation accredited course within the past 2 years or hold a commensurate professional coach training qualification.

Training Schedule and Hours

The Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training (AICT) is an advanced blended learning experience. Portions of the course will be delivered synchronously (in real-time through services like Zoom) and asynchronously (you read materials and participate in insight-oriented exercises at a time/pace/place that works best for you to be prepared to fully engage with trainers and colleagues in the class at the synchronous session). The combination of synchronous and asynchronous work will equate to 32 training hours, including the required Orientation session. Participants will need to complete the program in its entirety to be eligible to earn the Appreciative Inquiry Coach Certification, including all synchronous sessions.

Please note that the synchronous portions of the AICT are highly experiential and will not be recorded. The AICT Trainers will be utilizing breakout rooms to develop the community and trust among the participants, paired interviews, and small group discussions and reflections.


Successfully complete the online coursework and attend all live sessions and participate in the Community Practice sessions.

  • Participate in mentoring sessions.
  • Complete and submit the practicum which is suitable for publication. This final report must demonstrate your understanding and practice of Appreciative coaching in a one-on-one client engagement.
  • Complete the evaluation.


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