Hire an Ai Professional

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry links clients to consulting, training and coaching expertise. We are a global network of independent consultants (including trainers, facilitators, and coaches) built on trust, hard work and whose values are on building lasting relationships. Each Certified Appreciative Inquiry professional listed on our Ai Directory is an independent contractor who has the ability to negotiate their own price and invoice clients directly.

What Makes Our Appreciative Inquiry Professionals Extraordinary?

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry maintains high standards for its worldwide network of Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators, Coaches, Practitioners and Trainers. Our Certified Appreciative Inquiry professionals have exceptional skills, experience and commitment to the success of each client and project. All of our consulting work is grounded upon participatory and strengths based processes that engage and respect people, their time, commitment, energy and shared trust and understanding.

We are relationship focused. Our commitment is to connect people with outstanding qualifications in their field and awesome client feedback/recommendations with clients (individuals, organizations and agencies) who seek to develop expertise within their organization.

How is The Center for Appreciative Inquiry’s Directory Unique?

The Appreciative Inquiry Professionals listed on our Appreciative Inquiry Directory possess the knowledge and skill sets needed to engage individuals, teams, departments, organizations, and communities in change initiatives (small or large) using an Appreciative approach. Individuals listed on our directory:

  1. Completed an Appreciative Inquiry foundations course (with a minimum of 26 classroom hours);
  2. Demonstrated their skill sets as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, and/or Trainer by submitting a practicum that outlines their work in the field of Appreciative Inquiry;
  3. Possess a current Appreciative Inquiry Certification with The Center for Appreciative Inquiry;
  4. Work in the field and can provide clients with personal stories and examples of how they use Appreciative Inquiry in their work.

Finding The Right Ai Professional For You

If you have a consulting assignment, you may search using our Appreciative Inquiry Directory. There is no cost to you. You may search by specialty area, location or by name (if you are looking for a specific person). Once you locate a Certified Ai Professional, you may learn more about them by reviewing their profile. If you want to know more their work, availability and/or pricing, you may connect with them by clicking on the “Let’s Connect” button on their profile page.

Submit a Consulting / Coaching / Training Assignment

If you would like to have several Certified Ai Professionals apply for your consulting assignment, or possibly an interim position, you may submit a consulting/coaching/training assignment or project. There is no cost to individuals or organizations to submit an assignment. We will need the following information so that we may post your assignment on our internal site:

  • Organization Information:
    • Name of Organization;
    • Website Address;
    • Physical Address.
  • Contact Information:
    • First and Last Name;
    • Job Title;
    • Email Address and Phone Number.
  • Assignment / Project Information:
    • Full description of the work or service you are requesting (such as: team building, strategic planning, coaching). Be sure to include event date(s), language, time zone, venue, website, and any special considerations.
  • Email your job posting to Kathy Becker. You will be contacted if we have any questions prior to posting you assignment on our internal site. Once your assignment is posted, you will receive an email confirmation.