Words Create Worlds ® – August 2014 Newsletter

Kathy Becker
Posted: August 22, 2014

Do you find it hard to be appreciative during this time? Economy, politics, war, climate change, education, poverty – there is a lot of “stuff” in the way; and it is all serious “stuff”. Staying open to see the possibilities is so important to our happiness, health and general well-being. What helps me is to spend time reflecting on what gave me joy during the day, and equally fulfilling is to give others joy.

Seeing the possibilities requires us to be open to receive those special moments when, for example, someone smiles at you or goes out of their way to help you – like the cashier at the grocery store, the receptionist at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the secretary at your child’s school. Show them your appreciation. Take a moment to ask them, “What was the best thing that has happened today?” or “What excites you the most about your job?” You may hear something like “no one has ever asked me that question before.” Be genuine in your interest, listen with your heart, and you may just find that this is one of those joyful moments.

We invite each of you to join in the high energy and well-being that gratitude, compassion, and generosity brings to each of us. As always, we thank each of you for sharing your stories of success – seeking the high points to learn, adapt, and thrive – your stories always bring such light into our office and to our work. Please keep sending us your personal stories of success via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kathy Becker,
President of Company of Experts, Inc.


Words Create Worlds ® – August 2014 Newsletter

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