Words Create Worlds ® – February 2014 Newsletter

Kathy Becker
Posted: February 20, 2014

What positive experiences have you had this month that bring you joy and add a sense of excitement to your life? What are you awe moments? What does reflecting on those moments add to your life? Do you feel more open? More creative? More inspired?

We are feeling such a depth of gratitude for the opportunity to meet so many awesome people in this business and to partner whose energy and passion heighten us to achieve the best we can be. This past week we hosted an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training. The group was dynamic, fully present and engaged in learning about Appreciative Inquiry. What could be better?

Advances in Appreciative Inquiry Book_Volume 4The book we have been waiting for ARRIVED! Not just any book, this one includes our AI Summit with 4500 people “The Macon Miracle: The Magic of Intergenerational Design for the Future of Education! The book Organization Generativity: The Appreciative Inquiry Summit and a Scholarship of Transformation is available through Emerald Press and you may purchase individual chapters online. We are honored to share the pages of the book with so much Appreciative Inquiry Star Power.

Just holding the book in my hands brings back that sense of being involved in something greater. That moment that the Facilitators and Core Team Members recalled later as life changing. To witness Wholeness on that level is beyond words. Our facilitators included Cheri Torres, Trevor Warner, Kimberley Seitz, Melissa Robaina, Jim Pulliam, Joan Trottier, Annette Villancourt, Eileen Rohan, Charles Miller with a special Mention to Heather Robaina for her care and support of the Facilitation Team.


Words Create Worlds ® – February 2014 Newsletter


  1. MMark Wilson says:

    Title typo – “February’s Relfections” 😉

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