Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training (AICT)

What is Appreciative Coaching

Appreciative Coaching is a revelatory and generative conversation that enlivens, amplifies, and sustains the positive core – source of the energy and intelligence of life – of both client and coach. This relationship cultivates new possibilities, health and fulfillment, accelerating us to our highest and deepest good.

What is Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training© (AICT)?

This 5-day course will comprise a full Appreciative Inquiry into our collective experience of Appreciative Inquiry and Coaching. Together we will explore and experience each of the 5 D’s as it relates to one-on-one relationships (between a coach and client). The practicum, which participants will submit for certification, will embody “Destiny” as you apply the lessons taught during this course into your coaching work.

The Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training is not a problem-solving coaching approach, rather it looks at discovering and co-constructing the client’s positive core – what it is that connects them to life, energy, and possibility and allows them to thrive. Discover how to use your existing coaching skills within the energizing and affirming framework of AI to deepen and enhance both your personal sense of yourself as well as your skills as a coach.

Individuals who participate in all 5 days of the AICT and complete & submit a practicum are eligible for certification as an Appreciative Coach. Practicums must be completed within one year of the AICT attended.

Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training ICF CCEThe Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). CCEUs give coaches an opportunity to continue their professional development. Coaches will learn how to use the AI process, originally designed for use with an organization, system or group, as a process for coaching someone one-on-one.

  • Core Competencies 21.6 hours
  • Resource Development  3.8  hours

This Training is Designed For:

  • Change Agents who have a good foundation and understanding of Appreciative Inquiry and/or Co-Active Coaching;
  • Experienced Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators who would like to practice and improve their one-on-one communication skills;
  • Seasoned coaches who are tired of ‘problem-solving’ and long for more radical, life-enriching ways of coaching

Prerequisites for this Advanced Level Training Include:

Training Schedule and Hours

This Appreciative Inquiry coaching course is highly experiential – each participant pairs up with a coachee, and a coach, for 4 out of the 5 days, to practice and experience the skills demonstrated by the trainers. Each practice session ends with time for reflection and discussion. Your trainers will provide theoretical input (supported by audio-visual material) to enhance the learner’s experience.

Day One – Experiencing Appreciative Coaching
Inquire into the essence of ‘Appreciative Coaching’ by learning from our own collective best experiences of when Appreciative Inquiry, and coaching, is at its best.

Day Two – Defining the Topic

Devote ourselves to Defining the Topic as well as establishing a coaching agreement (or multi-level ‘contract’) with the client. We will also touch on coaching topics such as active listening and re-framing.

Day Three – Discovering the Client’s Topic
Learn to facilitate an evolving discovery of the client’s Positive Core and its implications for the future while maintaining the client’s focus on the ‘ideal future’.

Day Four – Dreaming a Preferred Future
Learn to create powerful metaphors and images of the client’s Positive Core

Day Five – Designing Provocative Propositions
Convert the client’s vision into a roadmap by constructing powerful provocative propositions that are bold, affirmative, and provoke action.

Practicum Destiny (on-going discovery, dream and design)
To become certified by the Center for Appreciative Inquiry as an Appreciative Coach, you will participate in an Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Training © (AICT) and then complete a Supervised Practicum and Narrative Summary. The Supervised Practicum and Narrative Summary must be completed within one year of the AICT you attend. Your AICT Trainer(s) will be available by email and/or phone for free consultations throughout your Practicum.

We start each day on time and work diligently to maintain the schedule, honoring the commitment to the learning experience. We have found full participation to be the most productive for the participants and the trainers.  To obtain a letter of completion (and to be eligible for consideration for certification) each participant must complete 30 training hours. Days one through five begin at 8:30 a.m. for networking. The training sessions will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. each day. Each day has a morning and afternoon session; a morning and afternoon break; and one hour for lunch.

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